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video for ecommerce

When used correctly, a video can be a fantastic tool to obtain more sales on your search engine optimization powered store. People usually get the wrong understanding of video production. They think that there's always a lot of money involved.

But truth be known, it doesn't take much to produce a highly effective video. In fact, should you already have the necessary tools, it probably would not set you back a thing to produce a decent video. It is actually quite easy to make a video for the store if you know what to do.


Naturally, you'd need a decent video camera. I've come across merchants shoot really good product videos with just the aid of 8mp phone cameras. As these videos is going to be aired online, they need 't be in HD. However, the pictures and sound appearing on video need to be clear so you obtain the message across easily and also the file needs to be light for fast streaming.

video for ecommerce

You'd also need a simple storyboard that will help you plan out the shoot. Believe me, spending just 10 minutes on the storyboard will save you a lot time on re-shoots after the day.

Before preparing a storyboard, decide what you want the video to convey. There ought to always be 3 parts to some video - the introduction, the focus and the proactive approach. Many product videos only contain the first couple of parts and surprisingly leave out the 2nd most important part of the video. You need to ask the viewer to follow along with your link, go to your page or make a purchase, otherwise they would not. Exactly the same rule applies to text or other content site.

You'd likewise need software to edit the videos. If you are using a Windows-based system, try using Windows Live Movie Maker. If you use a Mac, try iMovie. Both programs have the freedom and can suffice. Both of them are also very simple to learn and even correctly converts the recording for you into formats accepted by sites like YouTube.

Types Of Videos To create

Product Video
There are lots of kinds of videos you could make depending on the purpose. You could make videos which are product specific. For example, if you were to create a video of a backpack, you can show the viewer the overall look at the backpack. You could reveal what it looks like on the inside as well as how it looks on the person. Product videos should be kept as short as possible. You want to capture the interest of the viewer with quick points and quick editing. The video should end with a proactive approach.

Informational Video
You could also make another video and place it on an info page in your site. Make this video more in-depth. This video could be longer, about 2 to three minutes long. This video should be targeted at those who need some bit more convincing before they purchase a product. How-to videos are perfect for this purpose. A soft-sell approach is usually recommended here.

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